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Logs in Java Java Log API Java中的日志分为3个组成模块: Loggers - Appenders(Handlers) - Layouts(Formatters) Loggers负责捕捉事件并将它发送给合适....


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前台部分 模块划分 轮播图 (最新动态,可点击跳转到文章页面) 不洗碗工作室(部门)介绍 成员介绍 产品介绍 企业管理 企业文化 动态列表 动态页面 页脚 ....

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part 3 the game is ON. funny. it's 1:00 am. a silent night.All the room is filled with the sound of tick-tock and the beep of hard-disk. still I s....


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会话 传统的web开发采用的一般是会话技术,因为http是一种无状态协议,服务器端要想确定不同的请求是否是由同一个用户发出,采用了会话技术,传统的web开发....

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so lets see what is the GAME OF LIFE it's a simple game without player.the rule is quite easy: the whole world is a huge surface,and it's been div....

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things are wired. I start up today by powering up my laptop. As the system booted up,various windows opened one by one,like saying Hey read me fir....


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只是想要守护。 想要留住现在的时光,现在的人,现在的一切。 可嘴上的冠冕堂皇终究无法掩盖内心的脆弱。 真是任性呢


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全局变量 引例 ?php $a = 23;//定义了全局的变量$a function test(){ $a = 2;//函数内部的变量, echo $a;//输出是2 //如果希望在函数内使....


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开源代码在此: github base on laravel,bootstrap


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# includeiostream using namespace std; int a[10] = {3,7,5,4,0,2,8,6,1,9}; void quicksort(int l,int r) { int base,i,j;//i是右侧探测器,j是左侧....